Cole Gallery New Work

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Contemporary Art

This new body of work is not my “usual” style of painting or process of painting,  but it is a direction I am longing to do more of: Full of texture, ethereal mood and mystery. Cold Wax Medium (CWM) is a process of painting with oil paint and COLD wax. (Not hot wax, like encaustic.) This process doesn’t require brushes or palette knives for tools. Only a brayer and a squeegee, swiping big passes of color and then carving into them with tools and found objects (I used crumpled wax paper) to create texture and allow the under layers of color to be revealed.

Each piece just starts in my head. No reference photos. No idea. Just a concept for a series. My goal was to paint “the calm feeling of morning mist”. Basically, trying to paint air. I know. It’s kind of a crazy challenge Because who can paint air? Air particles are seen when they are surrounded by something else. What emerged was mist through trees. Bushes in the morning air. The last triptych of reflection pieces were done as quick gestural morning exercises, using the same color palette with absolutely no concept in mind. All free flow. What emerged from those morning exercises was suggestions of water reflections.

I hope you can find some inner peace and calm in viewing these.

Glorious Tree

Cold Wax Medium 12 x 12 in

Price: $750.00

Subject Matter: Landscape

Morning Mist

Cold Wax Medium | 14 x 14 in

Price: $850.00

Subject Matter: Landscape

Morning Mist in the Woods

Cold Wax Medium | 16 x 16  in

Price: $960.00

Subject Matter: Landscape

Winter Walk

Cold Wax Medium | 10 X 10 x 1.5 in

Price: $650.00

Subject Matter: Landscape

Reflections Series Triptych

Cold Wax Medium | 8 x 5 in

Price: $1,050. Individual paintings $395 each.

Subject Matter: Landscape, Water

Representational Art

Don’t worry. I didn’t abandon this. It’s my mainstay. These pieces are of reflections and skies: My two favorite subjects to paint.

Zen Rocks

Pastel | 12 X 12 in

Price: $850.00

Subject Matter: Water

Greenbank Farms Reflections

Pastel | 16 X 20 in

Price: $1,450

Subject Matter: Water


Oil on Canvas | 36 X 60 in

Price: Originally  ̶$̶6̶,̶9̶9̶5̶  | Now $6,000 through May 2020.

Subject Matter: Water

Tree Top Glowing

Pastel on Copper | 16 X 16 in

Price: $1,250

Subject Matter: Sky

Country Sunrise

Pastel | 8 X 12

Price: $650

Subject Matter: Sky

Lovely Bluebird

Pastel on Copper | 12 X 8 in

Price: $750

Subject Matter: Birds

Peaceful Kingfisher

Pastel on Copper | 9 X 7 in

Price: $700

Subject Matter: Birds